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Our MissionOur Mission

Committed to providing high quality fund administration services through knowledge and industry experience.

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Our OfficesOur Offices

Currency House Building, DIFC
Mezzanine Floor, Unit M03
P.O. BOX 506651
Dubai, U.A.E.

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Our SystemsOur Systems

PFS Paxus is one of the few fully integrated and flexible systems available.

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AL-PER Solutions is a group of highly skilled and reputable professionals from different segments of the industry that have come together to build a generative collaboration in the area of fund administration services.

AL-PER Solutions operates from the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) under a Category 4 license.

We have over AUM 500,000,000 Assets under Administration.

We are committed to not just providing high quality service but also use our knowledge and experience in the industry to add value to the Investment Manager.

Our fully integrated system will soon be combined with web-based reporting.

Competitive Advantage

The staff of AL-PER are very knowledgeable and have several years of experience between them - they have dealt with some of the most complex regulatory requirements and fund strategies

We are selective in choosing both our business partners and clients:

If we are unfamiliar with the fund strategy or reporting complexity, we will not take on the administrative duties until we are satisfied that we have the necessary skills

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service

Our staff provide value added Investment Advisor knowledge and know how, which allows us to have a broader view of the investment process.

We have access to large and successful international clients (e.g., in Europe), as well as major Middle Eastern clients through our relationships, shareholders.


It is the AL-PER's policy to establish a compliance function to maintain compliance with applicable rules and regulations of the DFSA and other regulatory authorities.

The compliance function's activities arise as a result of the responsibilities of advising the Company's directors and senior management on regulatory issues, monitoring employee's adherence to compliance obligations and liaising with the DFSA in this regard. Initially, this function is outsourced to a compliance consultant approved by the DFSA .

The major activities of the compliance function are as follows:

Training: ensure that all Company employees are aware of their compliance obligations. The compliance function will seek to ensure that the compliance manual is kept up to date in light of any changes in DFSA regulations, other regulatory requirements, or the Company's policies.

Authorizing activities: the compliance function's authorization is required for certain activities that are restricted by the DFSA regulation.

Authorizing procedures: ensure that all of the Company's business policies, guidelines, and procedures adhere to current regulations of the DFSA and other authorities. The compliance function is made aware of and will approve all suggested procedural changes. The compliance function may also enforce a change in procedures if this is required.

Monitoring business conduct: responsible for ensuring that the Company abides by the DFSA Conduct of Business rules and that they are applied to all regulated activities of the Company, conduct of employees and for investigating any suspected breaches of rules or regulations. In particular, it carries out formal periodic reviews of the Company's compliance records and procedures and tests a sample of transactions and escalate issues immediately.

Reporting: the compliance function will ensure that prudential reports and notifications are produced accurately and in a timely manner for the DFSA. Internally, the compliance function presents a bi-annual report of compliance issues to the Board of Directors.

Anti-Money Laundering

AL-PER, as the Fund Administrator, is responsible for ensuring the following:

  • That the Client provides the identifying information indicated in regulatory bodies regulations, as part of the Fund's Subscription Agreement. This is supplemental to what is detailed in the offering memorandum or subscription documents of the fund.
  • AL-PER does not accept any payment or subscription request without such information.
  • AL-PER requests additional information from the Client or from third party sources as necessary, in order to verify the identity of the Investor.
  • These requirements applies for all investors except where the Investor is a recognized financial institution or through a recognized intermediary which is comprehensively regulated by a recognized regulatory authority and carries on business in a country recognized as having proper AML regulations.
  • All relevant documentation and correspondence used to verify the identity of a client/investor shall be kept for the minimum required 6 years following termination of that relationship.

AL-PER undertakes to carry out a full review of the effectiveness of its AML policies, procedures, systems and controls at least annually. This review encompasses:

  • a sample testing of “Know Your Customer' arrangements.
  • an analysis of all Suspicious Transaction Reports to highlight any area where procedures or training may need to be enhanced.
  • a review of the nature and frequency of the dialogue between the Governing Body or senior management with the MLRO to ensure that controls are adequate and satisfactory.